Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altered paint can and paint stick

You all know how I love the swaps over at the CMB. This post is no exception. I joined a paint can swap. You can find plain old empty paint cans at pretty much any hardware store. They also have them at Michaels, but I like the metal ones at the hardware store better than the plastic ones at Michaels. Just my preference. 
Anyway, these are super easy and super fun to make. Just take your favorite paper and cover the paint can with it. I know others use Tacky Tape or their ATG gun, but I like Mod Podge because I seem to be able to get the paper to lay nicer with that than with other adhesives. When that's dry, I add another layer of Mod Podge on top to "seal" it in. Then I add embellishments on top. 
Here's what I made for SweetCreations:

The front

The back

Different angle of the back

The lid

And because you always get paint sticks when you get a paint can, I had to do something with that too!

The front

The back. With extra little tags.

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  1. wow..gorgeous!!! I just love this cute paint can and stick.. Those designs are lovely..I love the way you used those colors and the cute flowers. Thanks for this nice post.