Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Clipboards

I decided to try my hand at making post it note clipboards. I can see how these would be addictive!

For the back, I started with coasters - the cardboardy kind you get at restaurants or you can get them in the dollar section of Michaels. Then I covered both sides with Mod Podge and paper. Take the backing off the post its and stick that on, then add a binder clip and voila!

What a super cute little gift idea!

(The back)


  1. Cindy - these are cute! I've been wanting to try them too. Did you Mod Podge the coaster first and then add paper, or did you put the Mod Podge over the paper after you covered the coaster?

    I might have to make these for office Christmas gifts...

    Did I just say Christmas... GASP!

  2. Lol Julie! I Mod Podged the coaster, put the paper down and put more Mod Podge on top. I did find out though that if you buy the coasters from Michaels that already have that "finished shine" to them, you need to sand them a bit to get the paper to stick well.

  3. So cute! They would make good teacher gifts as well!

  4. wow..Absolutely fabulous These two clipboards are looking gorgeous and beautiful.. I love the colors and the cute designs. Thanks for this great post.