Sunday, March 6, 2011

Altered Comp books

It seems as though altered composition books are all the rage over on the Cricut message board. Since I needed a book to write down all of Connor's funny quotes in I thought I'd give it a shot. I just got a comp book for about a buck at Target, covered it in paper, put on some embellishments and Voila!

Here's a before and after: 

Here's the final product. I used Mod Podge to cover the book with paper and added a little to coat the cover so the letters would stay in place.

 Then I decided to do a couple books for swaps. I really like how they came out and wanted to keep them..

 And finally, another quote book for a friend who saw Connor's and wanted one for her daughter. You can see the shine of the Mod Podge better in this pic.

I have to say, doing these books is a little addicting. I'm sure you'll see more of these later. I almost can't wait until the books go on sale at Back to School time. Alright, now I'm just getting ahead of myself...

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